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An educated workforce has a positive impact on our community and economy as a whole and results have proven to benefit companies. Benefits include:

  • Enhanced job performance: productivity, innovation, decision-making, teamwork
  • Increased employer loyalty
  • Reduced turnover and reduced hiring and training costs
  • Improved recruitment and retention
  • Increased employee job satisfaction

According to studies conducted by Lumina Foundation, employers who invest in the education of their employees, specifically in employer reimbursement programs, can expect a significant return on that investment (Cigna and Discover).

In addition to receiving positive return on investment for educational expenses, this graph illustrates some of the opportunities for employer gains.


















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Visit for additional resources and to connect with a Greater Minds Navigator. The Navigator will work with your Human Resources department to provide you and your employees’ information and services related to postsecondary education opportunities and help guide you and your employees through the process.

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