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GSI Helps Build the Health Sciences Industry & Build Your Business

Health sciences and health care are a significant industry in our region’s economy, employing 18.5% of the total workforce in Spokane County alone. It is one of our fastest growing industries and plays an important role in the quality of our lives. GSI works to grow jobs and business investment – both of which are directly related to health sciences and health care.

GSI Supports Your Health Sciences Business in many ways including making sure you have the qualified workforce to meet the needs of your business.  Some of our programs like Business AfterSchool, a series of open house events for students, educators, parents and community organizations, provides awareness of Spokane’s high-demand industries for students highlighting new technology, research, development and innovation. GSI also works to support the health sciences industry through advocacy efforts at the local, state and federal level, through its economic development work, and by leading and supporting major community initiatives like Vision 2030 Medical Education for our region.

About Vision 2030 - Spokane Community Medical Education, Research & BioScience Industry Growth

Greater Spokane Incorporated (GSI) is providing community leadership to create and execute the vision for a comprehensive, world-class, center of academic health sciences medical education, and bioscience research and commercialization resulting in robust bioscience industry growth with unprecedented economic impact to the Spokane region. This vision, targeting full build out by 2030, encompasses expanded undergraduate and graduate medical education, health and medical sciences research and commercialization, bioscience business development, and community health care. It has the potential to transform our local economy by building on our community’s largest economic driver – healthcare.

The vision has the potential to fuel unprecedented economic impact through robust bioscience industry growth. Built on a foundation of four-year undergraduate and graduate medical education expansion, the growth of bioscience research, commercialization and business development will drive an ultimate 20-year economic impact of $1.7 billion annually and more than 9,000 jobs. This is the single most impactful economic development opportunity for our region. For more information about this project visit

Partnerships are Key to Progress

GSI knows that working together toward a common goal is key to success for the region. GSI partners with a number of local businesses and organizations, our education community, our area hospitals and clinics, research firms and many others to support and grow our health sciences and health care industry including Providence Health Care, Rockwood Health System, Health Sciences & Services Authority, and many more.

GSI Invites You to Participate

GSI’s Health Care Committee focuses on health care innovation and affordability by focusing on policy and its impact on workforce, health care delivery, small business and more. Its Health Industry Development Group, comprised of executive-level industry leaders, links health care to public policy and economic development. And GSI’s Health Care Forum provides information and resources to help businesses of all sizes and sectors in A.C.A. compliance, budgeting and employee benefit programs.

For more information or details on how you can get involved, contact Stacia Rasmussen, Vision 2030 Business Development Manager, 509-321-3637.