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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Health Care Reform and Small Business

So, how much do you know about health care reform? How will it impact small businesses? It seems that a lot of folks are confused about what’s in the bill, and what’s not. As the region’s Chamber of Commerce and … Read more

Trains, Planes and Automobiles – What About Buses and Bikes?

We all have to get to work somehow, but what options do we have? Well, there’s our own car, the bus, our bike, or we could hoof it if we work close enough to our homes. With an average commute … Read more

Public Policy’s Role at Greater Spokane Incorporated

Here at Greater Spokane Incorporated, we do a lot of things. Our networking opportunities we offer come to mind. But one aspect of our organization that you might not be too familiar with is our Public Policy division. This sector … Read more

Lighthouse Employee Vying for National Employee of the Year Award

Enjoy a good story? Then you’ll like this one. The Inland Northwest Lighthouse for the Blind in Spokane is one of those feel-good stories in itself. The manufacturing company hires blind employees to manufacture goods, mainly for the U.S. Government. … Read more