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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Top Blog Posts of 2012

Tweet It seems that everyone has a list this time of year, so why not us? In a piece of shameless self-promotion, we give you our top five blog posts of 2012: The Future of Health Care What was a … Read more

Resolving to Make 2013 Excellent

Tweet Many of us make them. Some of us keep them. And some of us can’t stand them. What are they? Christmas cards from relatives. Actually no, they’re resolutions, and just like many of you, we’re making a few as … Read more

Giving Kids a Supporting CAST

Tweet What does the health of a community depend on? A lot of things, obviously, but one thing in particular is how educated its kids are. Kids dropping out of school and living without a high school diploma don’t create … Read more

What’s Going to Happen in Olympia?

Tweet Washington will have a new governor and some new members of its legislature when state lawmakers begin their legislative session in Olympia in January. We hosted our annual Legislative Forum & Reception on Wednesday to give the business community … Read more