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GSI Launches New Public Policy Committees

GSI invites you to get involved in our new Public Policy committee groups. In collaboration with members and community leaders, GSI is working to strengthen its advocacy efforts for the region, as well as regional advocacy efforts in Olympia and Washington D.C., and we need your industry expertise to sharpen our message and to create the loudest and most influential voice during our fly-ins and member visits to both state and nation capitols.

Over the past several months, the GSI staff has been working closely with GSI Public Policy chairs on a new committee structure for GSI.  The end result is a newly formatted program that will allow for deeper policy development and a more targeted and strategic advocacy effort.

At the heart of this change is one major goal outlined by GSI Board Members and Public Policy Volunteers alike: GSI needs to go deeper on issues and be more targeted in its advocacy efforts.  To that end, we are inviting GSI members to serve on Policy Committees that are focused on subject area:

  • AgriBusiness
  • Education Committee (P-20)
  • Environmental Committee
  • Fiscal Policy Committee
  • Healthcare Committee
  • Human Resources & Employment Law Committee
  • Small Business Committee
  • Transportation, Infrastructure, & Energy Committee

These committees will have the opportunity to discuss a specific subject of policy in depth and make recommendations for GSI’s position on individual issues that improve or are a detriment to the business climate of our region and Washington State.  As proposed policy is developed, it will move through the Public Policy Council to the Board of Trustees for their vote of support.  Other exciting changes are on the horizon, from developing stronger advocacy mechanisms to recognizing legislators for support of the business agenda, and we appreciate your support through this exciting process.

It is our hope that you will accept this important invitation and be part of the conversation to influence lawmakers and develop policy. If you would like more information, or would like to participate, please contact Public Policy Coordinator Joshua Deal at or 509.321.3625.

One Response to GSI Launches New Public Policy Committees

  1. Kent Hull says:


    I would be willing to participate in the Fiscal Policy and Transportation, infrastructure committees.

    Kent Hull
    Iron Bridge Office Campus

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