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Spokane County Allocates $10 Million for Small and Non-Profit Business Grant Program

(SPOKANE, Wash.) –Spokane County has allocated $10 million of CARES Act dollars to fund a grant program to support small and non-profit businesses with 20 and fewer employees to help offset safety and operating costs, rent and other allowable expenses. The application and administration process will be handled by the County’s Associate Development Organization (ADO), Greater Spokane Inc. (GSI).

Small and non-profit businesses with 20 and fewer employees can apply for a grant of up to $10,000 to assist with operating costs and to help them reopen and stay open safely and in compliance with state and local guidance regarding precautions such as masking, sanitation and other associated employee and customer safety costs.

Chair of the Spokane County Board of Commissioners, Al French stated, “The success of our economy is directly tied to the success of small businesses in our County. Our hope is that these funds will help small businesses stay afloat during these difficult times.”

“There continues to be great need for our small businesses to be able to reopen,” GSI CEO Alisha Benson said. “We are thankful the County understands our small and non-profit businesses are the lifeblood of our community and is investing CARES Act funds to assist them.”

The application, parameters and fulfillment process are being finalized. The application period is expected to begin mid-July and will be announced publicly at that time.

*At the time this was issued, eligibility was for businesses with 20 and fewer employees. The County has agreed to increase eligibility to businesses with 49 and fewer employees in a subsequent meeting.

About Spokane County

Spokane County serves over half a million citizens and 13 municipal jurisdictions, making it the fourthlargest county in the State of Washington. For more information, visit, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.

About Greater Spokane Inc.

Greater Spokane Inc. (GSI) is the Spokane region’s business development organization. GSI creates the place where organizations come together to advocate for the region, drive strategic economic growth, and champion a talented workforce. GSI is funded through a combination of private and public investment, including nearly 900 private-sector members; Spokane County; Washington State Department of Commerce; and the cities of Spokane, Spokane Valley, Cheney, Deer Park, Liberty Lake, Airway Heights, Medical Lake, Millwood, Newport, and the Kalispel Tribe of Indians. For more information visit

10 Responses to Spokane County Allocates $10 Million for Small and Non-Profit Business Grant Program

  1. Christine Alexanian says:

    Could you please send me information on the CARES grant for small businesses in Spokane? I would like to apply as soon as it opens. Thank you so much!

  2. Naomi Hanvey says:

    How do small business owners ensure we are informed when the application period is open?

  3. We are a small business in Spokane County with one employee. We are interested in applying for a grant.
    How can we go about this?
    Oxford Sales

  4. Scott Fish says:

    Hi,My wife and own a rental property with a non paying tenant who is stating the Co-Vid for her reason
    for non payment.She is currently 2500.00 behind has no intention of paying us.This rent represents a large portion of our retirement.We also have a mortgage taxes garbage service and upkeep.Our governor just continues to extend this Moratorium and it’s not fair to landlords.Is there some help for us? Thank You Scott Fish.

  5. erik Peterson says:

    Where do i sign up? Is there a Link? more info please and thank you

  6. Thank you. Stay tuned for more information about application specifics. This will be announced soon and we’ll post it on our website.

  7. More information will be posted on the website soon with application specifics. Stay tuned.

  8. Yes – more information will be available soon regarding application specifics.

  9. Robert Figueroa says:

    Would like to apply for this asap
    Thank you

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