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Category Archives: Business Barometer

What Is A PTAC?

            PTAC. You probably aren’t completely sure what that means, but you might have a general idea that it has to do with government contracting. Procurement Technical Assistance Center is what PTAC stands for and it assists businesses through the … Read more

Quarter 3 2016 Business Barometer

Another strong quarter for the Spokane economy “The 3rd Quarter of 2016 continued to demonstrate the strength that has characterized the Spokane regional economy this year—strength that should continue not only into the 4th quarter, but also into next year,” … Read more

Quarter 2 2016 Business Barometer

Spokane economy continues to hold us better than U.S. “This year’s good economic news continues for our region and, in fact, accelerated in the second quarter,” according to Shaun O’L. Higgins, Managing Principal of The Oxalis Group LLC, and a … Read more

Q1 Business Barometer

Spokane economy outperforming national trends The Spokane economy is progressing at a very good pace and compares favorably to the national numbers,” says Steve Scranton, chief investment officer for Washington Trust Bank. Avista Chief Economist Grant Forsyth agrees. “Our local … Read more

Q4 Business Barometer

Spokane economy is firing on all cylinders “It was a very solid year for Spokane’s economy,” says Steve Scranton, chief investment officer for Washington Trust Bank.“All the indicators were strong. It was the best year we’ve had since 2006. Everything … Read more

Quarter 3 2015 Business Barometer – A look at the health of our economy

Strong, steady progress for Spokane economy “The Spokane economy is steadily progressing and this quarter’s numbers register a solid performance,” says Steve Scranton, Chief Investment Officer for Washington Trust Bank. “All indicators remained positive, and increasingly so, for the Spokane-Spokane … Read more

Quarter 2 2015 Business Barometer

Second quarter continues positive trends  “When all arrows are pointing in a positive direction, there’s a natural tendency for observers to engage in victory chants, and Spokane has recently had some good news to crow about,” says Shaun O’L. Higgins, … Read more