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Tag Archives: BIZStreet

The City and Small Business

Tweet “My responsibility as the Mayor of this city is to keep Spokane working.” That’s how City of Spokane Mayor Mary Verner opened up her presentation this week for our “Conversation With…” series, as part of our BIZStreet Small Business … Read more

From Leads to Customers

There are soft leads, hard leads, promising leads, two-goal leads, halftime leads and newspaper ledes. Businesses have leads, but you want customers, right? How do you take those leads and turn them into loyal, loving customers? That’s where 2011 GSI … Read more

Trademark Law, From a BIZStreet Advisor

In our ultra-digital world of webinars, conference calls and Skype, the face-to-face meeting seems fall down the list of options. Meeting in person, shaking hands and actually talking to a human you can see is still authentic and favored, one … Read more

Health Care Reform and Small Business

So, how much do you know about health care reform? How will it impact small businesses? It seems that a lot of folks are confused about what’s in the bill, and what’s not. As the region’s Chamber of Commerce and … Read more