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Competition to attract, assist and retain businesses in communities and metro areas across the U.S. is fierce. Today, more than ever, that competition extends around the globe. Communities that have a solid economic development strategy; adequate funding; pro-business policies; available, affordable land and utilities; and a skilled workforce are positioned to compete successfully.

About GSI’s Economic Development Program
Did you know? Our economic development work has accounted for more than 4,374 new direct jobs and over $1.1 billion in annual economic impact just since 2010. Your business creates jobs, invests in the community and generates economic growth. Your GSI membership supports our role to ensure the Spokane region competes successfully.

We Invite You to Get Involved!
For more information on business retention, expansion, or startup, please contact Jessica Kirk, Director, Business Retention, Expansion and Startup at 509.321.3641. For more information or details on business recruitment activities, contact  Todd Mielke, CEO at 509.321.3635.

What Does This Mean to Your Business?

Creating more jobs through expansions and relocations means more people working and more dollars circulating through the community. That has a positive impact on nearly all businesses, from day care centers to appliance stores, from CPAs to landscape companies. Commercial construction projects put even more people to work; some may be your customers or your suppliers.

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