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Career Path Services


10 N Post St, Ste 200
Spokane, WA 99201

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Job Category: Senior Management

Employment: Full Time

Salary: $128,000 annual

Experience: BA, MA/MBA Preferred. Direct experience may be substituted for the education requirement. Minimum 5 years financial management and supervisory experience in an organization with a multi-source budget in excess of $5 million, and a minimum of 10 years of broadly based accounting experience. CPA preferred.


Listing Expires: June 01, 2019

Job Description:

Career Path Services' is seeking a visionary, inspirational leader and experienced executive to be our CFO!

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is a member of the Senior Management Team, working directly with the CEO, COO and leadership team to make long-term organizational decisions pertaining to strategic initiatives, operating models, and grant and contract development and management. This position is responsible for the current and future fiscal and administrative integrity of the organization and ensures that timely, accurate fiscal and programmatic data are available to the Board of Directors, management team, and external entities as required. The CFO remains current on best practices and oversees compliance with laws, regulations, and fiscal and administrative requirements of federal, state, county, and privately funded grants and contracts. In addition, the CFO leads the Administrative Managers, including the Fiscal Manager, Human Resources Manager, and Information Technology Manager.

The ideal CFO will be a person of high character, high competence, and exemplify the importance of dignity of service. By example and by leadership and direction, the CFO will be confident, relaxed and positive in their approach to issues and people and capable of instilling a service ethic in managers and staff at all levels. The finalist will have an enthusiasm for results-oriented performance, team building at all levels and a desire for creating a management environment centered on continuous improvement and human centered design principles. The CFO must support the mission, purpose, and vision of Career Path Services and enthusiastically uphold the organization’s values.

The finalist candidate will be a team player with strong interpersonal communication skills and an aptitude for establishing and sustaining positive relationships, creating consensus, and motivating people. They will be mission-driven with a strong background in the non-profit sector, experienced with grants, funding sources, and work well in a fast-paced and hands-on environment.

The stability of this position depends upon individual and organizational performance and goal attainment.

The major responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to:
• Creates systems, procedures, and drafts policies and is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day the following areas: internal controls, information management and systems, banking and credit, staff support and customer service responsibilities, accounting functions, financial processes, fiscal grant management, budgeting, reporting, human resources, staff benefits and compensation administration, Network Administration, website design and maintenance, risk management, and procurement needs
• Works collaboratively with the CEO and COO and senior management team on the ongoing strategic planning process, and on strategic, fiscal, and operational issues as they arise; provides strategic recommendations to the CEO based on financial analysis and projections, cost identification and allocation, and revenue/expense analysis.
• Creates and maintains risk management plan. Facilitates and supervises reporting, tracking, follow up, and remediation of identified risks.
• Responsible for fiscal integrity of the organization as a whole, creating and applying policies and procedures to ensure compliance with current laws and regulations, including OMB, GAAP, Single audit, IRS, and fund source requirements.
• Advises the Board of Directors, CEO, and COO on financial matters and trends, and interacts with the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors.
• Leads audit and administrative monitoring efforts, ensures timely filing of all audits and tax returns.
• Once the annual staffing pattern is approved by the CEO, and as needed throughout the year, the CFO updates the Cost Allocation and Indirect Cost Plans, budgeting overhead costs across all contracts.
• Responsible for creating and maintaining the development of strategic program budgets and determining the potential financial impact of budgetary decision making.
• Determines cash flow and other reserve fund needs, updating the Board annually.
• Creates, prepares, and approves all financial reporting materials and metrics for funding. Ensures the timeliness, accuracy, and usefulness of financial, data, and management reporting for all governmental requirements, fund sources, the Career Path Services Board of Directors, management staff, and direct service staff.
• Responsible for translating performance measures of the organization into useful information for the Board and leadership team, and converting organizational strategies into measurable, actionable plans.
• Provide effective and inspiring leadership by being actively involved in programs and services, developing a broad knowledge of the business.
• Lead, develop and manage direct staff to include managers of the Fiscal, HR, and IT departments in the day-to-day management of administrative aspects of organization matters. Responsible for hiring, training, development, and performance management of direct reports and assisting the Administrative Managers with the Administrative Team.
• Responsible to develop and maintain professional, respectful, cooperative working relationships with appropriate fund source and community partner staff.
• Provide, receive, and disseminate information as required; exercise professional judgment using fiscal expertise.
• Fulfills key functions as a leader in grant/contract applications including: budget development/supervision to support planned program outcomes, written narration, strategic input, community partnership development, focus group facilitation, and other related activities.


General Leadership Competencies – Level 4
Leading the Organization
• Strategic thinking • Problem solving • Decision making • Change leadership • Project management • Systems thinking • Business & operations management

Leading Others
• Build trust and collaboration • Inspire others • Communication and influence • Developing others • Cultural Competence • Conflict resolution • Curiosity/listening

Leading Oneself
• Growth mindset • Self-awareness • Self-regulation • Internal motivation • Empathy • Openness to change • Accountability

Technical Competencies and Skills:
• Knowledge, understanding, and operation of managing finance, accounting, budgeting, control, and reporting.
• Skill in examining, developing, reengineering, and recommending financial, HR, and technology policies and procedures.
• Strong analytical skills and expertise interpreting a strategic vision into an operational model
• A collaborative and flexible style, with a strong service mentality. Needs to be seen as a team player who is committed to lifelong learning; strong commitment to developing team members.
• A hands-on, working manager with integrity and a desire to work in a dynamic, mission-driven environment.
• Strong relationship builder and communicator and strength in developing strategic partnerships.
• Ability to facilitate progressive organizational change and development within a growing organization.

Organizational Core Values:
Integrity • Courage • Generosity • Visionary • Leadership • Excellence