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Career Path Services


10 N Post St, Ste 200
Spokane, WA 99201

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Job Category: Non-Profit, Association, Church

Employment: Full Time

Salary: $128,000 annual

Experience: See more and apply online at:


Listing Expires: June 07, 2019

Job Description:

As a key member of the Career Path Services executive team, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) will have overall strategic and operational responsibility for all Career Path Services programs. The COO will provide leadership in translating strategic vision into action, designing and implementing operating models, and grant and contract development. In addition, the COO will: provide leadership and guidance for the Career Path Services management team, cultivate strategic relationships with public and private funders and partner agencies; serve as liaison to Career Path Services’ partners and fund sources; and work with Career Path Services’ Board of Directors to keep them abreast of programmatic strategies and challenges. Finally, the COO will partner with the Executive Team, and Human Resources Manager to develop and implement policies as set forth by the organization.

The COO must be a person whose personal and professional life exemplifies the importance and dignity of service. By example and by leadership and direction, the COO will be a person of high integrity who is confident, relaxed and positive in their approach to issues and people and capable of instilling a service ethic in managers and staff at all levels. The finalist will have an enthusiasm for results-oriented performance, team building at all levels and a desire for creating a management environment centered on continuous improvement and human centered design principles in all areas of operation. The COO must enthusiastically support the organization’s mission, purpose, vision, and values.

The finalist candidate will be a team player with strong interpersonal communication skills and an aptitude for establishing and sustaining positive relationships, creating consensus, and motivating people. They will have a high level of related workforce development knowledge and exhibit a strong knowledge base regarding today’s rapidly changing industry trends.

The stability of this position depends upon individual and organizational performance and goal attainment.

The major responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to:

*Operational and Systems Performance
Implement and lead a continuous quality improvement process throughout the program and service areas, focusing on systems/process improvement. Utilize data to identify strengths and opportunities. Promote regular and ongoing opportunities for all staff to give feedback on program operations.
Optimize operation performance by ensuring the continued financial viability of Career Path Services’ operational units through sound fiscal management and monitoring programmatic progress. Design and create service delivery models using evidence based, human centered design approach.
Effectively manages organizational risk and business continuity plans; supervises reporting tracking, follow up, and remediation of identified risks.
Works with the CFO to develop, implement, and maintain all internal programmatic systems, policies, budgets, and procedures necessary to carry out the programmatic and fiscal mission of Career Path Services.
Responsible for translating performance measures of the organization into useful information for the Career Path Services’ Board of Directors, the leadership team, and direct service staff, as well as converting organizational strategies into measurable, actionable plans.

*Strategic Planning and Management
Create a framework for the organization’s innovation processes through an entrepreneurial and flexible approach; innovate existing business model by linking market developments back to operations.
Identify opportunities for Career Path Services to leverage cross-program strengths to take advantage of new opportunities and/or to address organizational challenges.
Provide programmatic leadership and input for all strategic plan implementation processes with the CEO and staff. Coach Directors as they implement the strategic plan and transition program operations.

*Transformative Leadership and Development
Provide effective and inspiring leadership by being actively involved in all programs and services, developing a broad and deep knowledge of all programs, and ensuring that all program activities operate consistently and ethically within the mission and values of Career Path Services.
Lead, coach, develop, and retain Career Path Services’ high-performance management team with an emphasis on developing capacity in strategic analysis, planning and program budgeting.
Directly supervise directors in their day-to-day management of programmatic matters. Responsible for hiring, training, development, and performance management of direct reports.

*Business and Resource Development/Growth
Manage and cultivate relationships with fund sources, customer referral agencies, and partner organizations both inside and outside of industry to achieve preferred contractor status with every source and secure and expand recurring revenue streams.
Communicate with all fund sources regarding policy, procedures, contract compliance, programmatic progress, monitoring, special issues and meetings.
Publicly represent Career Path Services with the media and external constituency groups including community, governmental, and private organizations and build excitement for Career Path Services’ mission.
Provide leadership and initiative in sustaining and expanding existing programmatic funding streams and seeks new program funding consistent with the mission, purpose and vision of the organization.