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The Salvation Army - Spokane County


222 E Indiana Ave
Spokane, WA 99207

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Job Category: Non-Profit, Association, Church

Employment: Full Time

Salary: $60k Annually


Benefits: Medical, Dental, Life

Listing Expires: May 31, 2019

Job Description:

The Salvation Army is a branch of the Christian Church and the ultimate goal of all programs is spiritual regeneration of all people. The Salvation Army is an equal opportunity employer.

The Director of Development [DOD] shall provide any such direct management, general oversight, or consultation as necessary to the following referenced programs/departments and/or procedures that appear under the “Responsibilities Overview” heading as necessary to ensure effective Spokane Operation’s stewardship regarding (but not limited to): fiscal solvency and accountability, revenue development, donor accountability, statistical accuracy, business ethics, community awareness/public relations and volunteer development.

• Bachelor’s Degree in related field of study
• Minimum of five (5) years’ experience progressive fundraising and marketing leadership in a non-profit business environment

• Must understand and support the philosophy and purposes of The Salvation Army
• Proficiency in oral and written grammar communication skills
• Possess demonstrated experience, skills and success in Fundraising, Marketing and Public Relations
• Operator proficiency in utilization of general contemporary office technologies
• Must possess a valid Washington State Driver’s License
• Must be punctual, with neatly groomed professional demeanor and must have an excellent attendance record
• Important personal characteristics include but are not limited to: outgoing, moral, ethical, creative, intuitive, self-motivated, multi-task capable, independent work capable, teamwork capable, flexible and respectful.
• Able to work well with other employees, customers and donors while maintaining the standards of The Salvation Army
• Possess demonstrated experience, skills and success in public relations, and ability to work with various agencies, business people and leaders in the community

• Proficiency in MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook and other Salvation Army business applications as required (Portfolio Donor Database System).
• Working knowledge of integrated database applications and ability to use new software programs with basic training.


Identify, cultivate, solicit and steward donors including individuals and organizations in the $100 to $999 giving range working to increase mid-level donations a minimum of $50,000 in year one with steady increases thereafter.

Immediate responsibility, oversight and supervision of:

Direct Mail: Develop Annual Fund Campaign in collaboration with Northwest Divisional Headquarters and Spokane Administration. Be familiar with the TSA mail appeal tracking Portfolio software. Analyze and track all mail appeals. Develop and implement a marketing and media campaign around mail appeal. Daily review mail appeal records to determine and follow through with all necessary actions: i.e. purging duplications, sending thank you notes, alerting CO and DOO (Director of Operations & Business) of any unusually large donations and suggesting response etc. Using portfolio and other tools, provide mail appeal reports as requested by the DOO.

Marketing, Public Relations, Special Events: Responsible for Marketing & Public Relations, public speaking engagements and related PR activities for all Salvation Army Spokane programs including Camp Gifford. DOD, in collaboration with DHQ, is responsible for development, production, and distribution of various communications materials such as the Annual Report.

Capital & Endowment Campaign(s): In collaboration with Donor Relations Director, CO, DOO, the DOD is responsible as the principle administrative coordinator of all Capital Campaign initiatives, and shall be responsible for the maintenance of any such campaign records and to monitor the campaign pledge accounts receivables.

Fundraising Events: Responsible for the planning and execution of fundraising events and campaigns.

Business & Donor Recognition Program: Develop and implement a business and mid-level donor recognition program which includes the Making Spokane Better Awards concept. Work with Donor Relations Directors on major donor recognition.

General Donor Relations:
Responsible for mid-level donor engagement and increase in annual giving (Tracking visits,
phone calls, tours, thank you’s, etc.)

Respond to donor inquiries, concerns, and complaints. Ensure the maintenance of accurate donor records, understanding complaints and concerns.

Records, Correspondence, Physical Assets: DOD will be responsible for records, correspondence, reports, and the physical assets of the Development and Communications Department, endeavoring to maintain such elements in a timely, accurate and organized state.

• Ability to sit, walk, stand, bend, squat, climb, kneel, and twist on an intermittent or continuous basis
• Ability to grasp, push, pull, objects such as files, file cabinet drawers, carts, doors, and reach overhead
• Ability to operate a telephone
• Ability to operate a desktop computer
• Ability to access and produce information from a computer
• Ability to understand written information
• Ability to lift up to 30lbs on a regular basis
• Ability to sweep, clean, shovel snow, and perform other janitorial tasks as needed

The DOD position is Full Time position and is expected to work a routine schedule of 40 hours/week, five days per week, and may be required to work additional hours and days as necessitated by work demands. Flexibility and a cooperative spirit are crucial characteristics of the individual who holds this position.
The terms of employment are outlined in the employment agreement, and the Western Territory Handbook for Employees and will be the employee’s guide to all personnel practices and procedures.
The Salvation Army reserves the right to revise or change job responsibilities as need arises with reasonable discussion with the employees.


Bachelor’s Degree in related field of study and a minimum of five (5) years’ experience progressive fundraising and marketing leadership in a non-profit business environment