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Greater Spokane Incorporated works to create a vibrant Spokane region by concentrating on the following key areas of focus, called the Greater Spokane 7. The first three Foundational Strategies must be in place to successfully pursue the four Priority Strategies for all industry sectors.

Create and retain a GREATER talent pool of skilled workers who drive innovation and productivity to meet the needs of employers throughout the region, recognizing that education grows economies.

Provide a GREATER voice on behalf of employers and the community at the local, state and federal level.

Support GREATER financing, creation and expansion of core infrastructure necessary to fuel the growth of commerce in the Greater Spokane region.

PRIORITY STRATEGIES - Our Priority Strategies focus on driving the success of businesses throughout all key stages of business development.

Create GREATER opportunities for entrepreneurs and startups by fostering the growth of intellectual capital and the resources needed to develop and pursue business ideas to launch and grow new companies and jobs.

Support GREATER growth of existing businesses in the region.

Create a healthier business climate where existing businesses have a GREATER chance to succeed, compete and grow.

Provide GREATER visibility of the Spokane region through enhanced marketing and attraction efforts to strategic industry targets interested in relocating or expanding.