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All levies on this year’s ballot are REPLACEMENT LEVIES for the current (expiring) levies which were voted on in 2018. These are not new taxes. Collection years for these replacement levies are 2022, 2023 and 2024. There are two different types of levies that you may see on your ballot:

  • Enrichment/Supplemental Levies – aka Educational Programs and Operations (EP&O) – allow a school district to provide positions and support like teachers, support staff, supplies and materials, or services that the state only partially funds. Funding provided by the state does not fully cover the actual costs to operate a school district, so enrichment levies bridge the gap in funding. Enrichment levies can be approved for up to four years.
  • Capital Projects Levies – aka Technology – fund necessities like modern technology, enhanced building security, and renovation projects. Capital levies can be approved for up to six years.

Spokane Area School Districts with an EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS & OPERATIONS (EP&O) LEVY on the Ballot

Spokane Area School Districts with a CAPITAL LEVY on the Ballot

Citizens' Groups Information

Please visit your local school district's website for more specific information and resources.

This campaign and materials are paid for the by the Alliance for a Competitive Economy of Greater Spokane Incorporated.