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As our society becomes more advanced, at least some college education is becoming the new minimum for employees in the U.S. While not every individual needs a 4 year degree, having skills is vital. Completion of a certificate, industry recognized credential, associate degree or bachelor’s degree is necessary to meet the demands of the ever evolving market.

An increasing number of local jobs now require a post-secondary credential. High level certificates, 2- and 4-year degrees will be required to fill the technically skilled in-demand positions throughout our industry sectors. Without an adequate pool of talent, these jobs cannot be filled.

Talented high performers are attracted to regions with a density of college-educated individuals and a wealth of employers committed to continuous learning. Spokane continues to grow and attract employers who need a talented workforce.

According to the Spokane Community Indicators, in 2016 the estimated share of the population age 25 and older who have earned an Associate’s or Vocational degree was 12.8 percent.













During 2016, the estimated share of the population who had earned at least a bachelor’s degree in Spokane County was 18.7 percent. Those who had earned at graduate or professional degree was estimated at 11.8 percent.













As employers are increasingly seeking skilled job candidates, it is becoming increasingly necessary for individuals to explore opportunities and obtain certifications to advance and thrive in their given field.


Visit for additional resources and to connect with a Greater Minds Navigator. The Navigator will work with your Human Resources department to provide you and your employees’ information and services related to postsecondary education opportunities and help guide you and your employees through the process.

Jodi Strote, Education Attainment Navigator
P: 509.321.3623 |