Spokane County Water Resources Education Center

Age Range: 3-4th Grade, 5-6th Grade, 7-8th Grade, 9-12th Grade, K-12, K-2nd Grade, Pre-K, Professional Development
Learning Type: Engineering, Mathematics, Science, Technology
Region: Community Organizations

Spokane County Water Resources offers unique opportunities for PK-12 graders, graduate level educators-in-training, and masters level students. Spokane County Water Resource Center is primarily a field trip destination; however, they will also travel to classrooms.

Opportunities offered by Spokane County Water Resources, respective to age groups include:
– Water in Natural Systems
– aquifer information specific to SVRP aquifer
– aquifer-river interchange
– water cycle
– area geology
– Water in Engineered Systems (Human Impacts)
– stormwater
– storm gardens
– wastewater treatment (biology and chemistry)
– tour of Spokane Co. Water Reclamation Facility
– Water Quality
– water quality testing
– properties of water
– non-point source pollution
– Water Conservation

For more information, please contact Toni or click here.

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