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Entrepreneurship is one of the most exciting and challenging endeavors you can pursue in your career.

From developing that great idea to raising money, there are a lot of aspects that new business owners need to understand to have the best chance of success.

StartUp Spokane offers free one-on-one assistance to all entrepreneurs who want to launch or grow their business, directing them to the appropriate resources and tools to be successful.

Entrepreneurship Assistance.



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My co-founder and I were accepted into and successfully graduated from the Mind to Market program. We were provided valuable feedback on our business plan, forecasting models, and our pitch as we prepared to present our Medcurity vision to the Mind to Market team. We were awarded $50,000 in pre-seed money to fund our minimal viable product. This allowed us to bring Medcurity to market in four months and to immediately start realizing revenue. During the program, we were provided with multiple contacts for future fundraising efforts. This paved the way to teaming with future investors, to expand our platform and our team. I’ll be forever thankful to the Mind to the Market team for believing in and supporting us! 

- Amanda Hepper, MedCurity

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