Eco Printing & Mixed Media by Nan Drye April ’22 @ Pottery Place Plus!

Category: Community Events
March 31, 2022
11:00 AM -
7:00 PM
Location: Historic Liberty Building

Nan Drye works with plants and plant dyes on natural fibers to make beautiful, useful things.  Nan is fascinated with the colors achieved from many humble weeds we overlook every day and the rather magical processes used to get them to give up their secrets. The time of year and the stage of growth of a plant can affect what color it will give. 

"Small Stories: Eco Printing & Mixed Media" is a show about the things Nan thinks about and is made up of projects she has always wanted to make. You can see Nan's amazing work this April at Pottery Place Plus, in the Historic Liberty Building at 203 N. Washington St.

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