Meet the Team!

Our dedicated team works every day on behalf of our community and Board of Trustees to lead transformative business and community initiatives to build a robust regional economy.


Alisha Benson

Chief Executive Officer

Cathy Wells

Cathy Wells

Chief of Staff, Director of Administration

Finance & Administration

Don Hemmer

Director of Finance

Anita Medina


Communications & Marketing

Yolanda Pagaduan

Director, Communications & Marketing

Leona Perry

Events & Program Manager


Maria Vandervert

Communications & Marketing Manager

Economic Development

Gary Ballew

Gary Ballew

VP, Economic Development

Stacia Rassmusen

Stacia Rasmussen

Life Sciences Spokane Business Development Manager

Joey Gunning

Joey Gunning

Strategic Growth Manager

Aleesha Roedel

Government Contracting Assistance Specialist

Education & Talent

Erin Vincent

Erin Vincent

VP, Education and Talent, Executive Director, Spokane STEM

Rebecca Clemens

Rebecca Clemens

Education and Talent Manager

Matthew Himlie

Matthew Himlie

Career Pathways Manager

Resource Development

Lisa Poplawski Lewis

VP of Development & Partnerships

Rachel Holland

Data & Resource Development Specialist

Debra Whitehead

Debra Whitehead

Business Development Manager


Melisa Paul

Director, Agribusiness & Ag Expo

Public Policy

Jake Mayson

Jake Mayson

Director, Public Policy

External Team Members

Jaye Hughes

Jaye Hughes

Communications & Marketing Coordinator

Karen Cash

Karen Cash

Inclusive Business Strategist, Inclusive Development Council

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