Becoming a GSI Member

We invite you to join us. GSI is the Spokane region’s business development organization, focused on leading transformative business and community initiatives to build a robust regional economy. Being a member of GSI supports you in growing your business by:

  • Giving you a stronger voice in policy and regulation that affects your business (Greater Voice)
  • Providing you support and tools to start, grow or expand your business (Greater Growth)
  • Filling workforce gaps with training and programs like Greater Minds (Greater Talent)
  • Creating the place where members and partners come together to work on initiatives that improve our communities and our region (Greater Community)

Click here to view the member benefit comparison sheet

** The attached member benefit sheet reflects a pre-COVID-19 environment.  During this pandemic, some slight modifications have been necessary to honor the Safe Start plan.  GSI continues to be diligent in offering exceptional programming to enhance all areas of business.

Greater Spokane.
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