Higher Education

We support higher education institutions recruit great students by helping working adults return to school and finish their degree or certificate. Our initiative brings together higher education institutions and local businesses to support adult learners, making the transition from working adult to your student as seamless as possible.

Education creates opportunity for our business partners.

We help businesses become employers of choice by supporting their employees’ return to school. Companies that invest in the education of their employees are investing in their businesses. They have access to a more skilled workforce, happier employees, and new business opportunities. Investing in the education of working adults improves the economy, prepares for the workforce needs of the future, and impacts our community for generations to come. An investment in education is an investment in a better future—for everyone. Our employers know that:

  • Educating employees adds to the success of their business.
  • Investing in employees, means vested employees.
  • Education improves the economy, and that’s good for business.

For more information on investing in employee education, click here to view the most recent Lumina Foundation study.

Community Partners

Greater Minds coordinates and collaborates with our workforce system and economic development organizations to make sure that working adults have up to date and relevant information about career opportunities in our community, and access to resources to help build their careers. We also work closely with other community organizations to spread the word about our services, and to connect working adults to services that can help with financial, health, logistics, and other non-academic issues that can hinder their success.

It’s your turn to return and finish your degree

For more information or details on how you can get involved, contact our Education and Talent Team.

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