Lunch and Learn: What Is Zero Trust?

Category: Startup Spokane, Startup Spokane Events
September 10, 2019
12:00 PM -
1:00 PM
Location: StartUp Spokane

Find out why so many companies are adopting “Zero Trust” security policies for their organization and what it means for them in terms of cybersecurity. Small companies and startups are rushing to the cyber security market to find the best solutions to solve their cyber security concerns – Yet so many are failing to implement effective, affordable solutions that just end up adding confusion and frustration to their internal staff. Having the correct policies and solutions in place is just step one. Having a trusted security advisor and educating your employees on best security practices is the next step.

NDM Technologies has been a trusted cyber security firm located here in downtown Spokane for 25 years. With a team of talented Technical Architects, NDM provides world-class information technology solutions nationwide to companies of all sizes. In todays session meet with Corbin Cabrera, a Technical Architect who specializes on finding affordable, simple cyber security solutions for small business here in Spokane. Find out about easy, quick changes your organization can make TODAY to start securing your private sensitive data from hackers and breaches. A short presentation on “Zero Trust” will be followed by a There-Are-No-Dumb-Questions Q&A session where you can ask anything cyber security related.

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