M2M Validation Workshop – The Entrepreneurial Success Fast Track

Category: Startup Spokane Community Events, Startup Spokane Events
July 10, 2019
5:30 PM -
7:30 PM
Location: StartUp Spokane

For entrepreneurs and small businesses, today’s business climate is the most exciting in history. One where recent technology advancements have erased massive barriers to entry. In this economy, a new pattern of prosperity has emerged, proving the ability to learn and adapt are the new predictors of success. In fact, the formula is clear – partner with your customers and prospects to continuously validate your path to the top of the leader-board.

In this workshop, sponsored by Mind to Market, we will cover tools and techniques that will eliminate the guesswork from your startup journey. Some of the topics covered will include:

The different types of assumptions entrepreneurs face and how to validate them
The fastest ways to test your critical assumptions
How customer feedback can fuel your intuition and innovation
How adopting a learning culture accelerates the discovery of your viable business model

Please note: water, tea, and coffee will be provided. You are free to bring food or beverages.

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