Spokane Community College Hagan Center Presents: An Evening with Teju Cole

Category: Community Events
January 11, 2022
6:30 PM -
8:00 PM
Location: Streaming live

Teju Cole, a Harvard University professor, literary critic, photographer and novelist, is speaking virtually at the Spokane Community College Hagan Center Wednesday, Jan. 12. Cole is the first speaker of the 2022 year.

Cole’s presentation titled “An Evening with Teju Cole” will touch on multinational identity, and finding fresh and potent ways to interpret art, people and historical moments. With his finger firmly on the pulse of race relations in America, Cole knows the power of art when it comes to examining the distribution of justice, intersectionality and social movements. He’ll share his experiences with how the power of the written word can be used to evoke emotions, conjure memories and achieve real change.

The presentation will be followed by an interview session with SCC Dean of Arts and Sciences Gwendolyn Cash-James and an audience Q&A. Attendees can register and watch here.

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