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The Importance of “Game Changers” in Spokane

Caterpillar Equipment at Spokane Convention Center Hotel Site

Despite the phrase “Game Changer” being a tad cliché, it’s worth taking a look at when it’s been used to describe two local projects in Spokane.

The phrase has been used for the past few years to describe the expansion of medical education in Spokane, specifically at the downtown Riverpoint Campus. A campus that could have a $2.1 billion annual economic impact statewide and support more than 13,410 jobs directly and indirectly when fully developed is huge for the region.

The other project that has given birth to the phrase is the recently announced hotel proposed by Walt and Karen Worthy, owners of The Davenport Hotel & Tower and other properties. Plans call for the hotel to have 700 rooms, 900 parking places and 70,000 square feet of meeting space, including a ballroom that will measure 20,000 square feet.

So what makes these projects “game changers” for Spokane and the surrounding area?

First, the construction jobs in the short-term are good. Those jobs are much-needed so it’s good to see planned developments moving forward.

Seeing construction equipment and cranes rising into the sky is a sign of progress and means Spokane is building toward the future. Large projects like these stand out even more and show Spokane is a good place to invest.

The impact these two projects will have on the community in the long run is what makes them true “game changers.” The Riverpoint Campus’ annual economic impact includes jobs on campus, jobs created from potential spin-off companies formed through research activities on campus, increased economic activity in town due to more students living here, and much more.

The proposed hotel will allow Spokane to attract more and larger conventions and events to town. Those attendees spend a lot of money here, contributing to our local economy.

The jobs these two projects support are important. Imagine if neither of these projects were planned – how many jobs wouldn’t be filled?

The Spokane region is progressing, and these two projects are true “game changers.”

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