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Attend upcoming scoping meeting for new Fairchild Air Force Base KC-46A tankers

MSF11-0054-02Join us and help Fairchild Air Force Base land new KC-46A tankers. This marks the second time Fairchild has made the short list to receive new tankers, following its first review a few years ago.

The Air Force is holding a series of Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) scoping meetings across the U.S. regarding the proposed beddown of KC-46A tankers at bases throughout the nation, including Fairchild Air Force Base. These scoping meetings assess the potential environmental impact of receiving KC-46A tankers at Fairchild, which will require personnel, facilities to support aircraft operations, and pilot and operator requirements.

Attend the Spokane EIS Scoping Meeting

U.S. Air Force Environmental Impact Statement Scoping Meeting
Thursday, January 12
5 p.m. – 8 p.m.
The Lincoln Center | 1316 N Lincoln Street

The public is encouraged to attend the open house EIS scoping meeting to learn more about the proposal and assist the Air Force in scoping issues to evaluate in the EIS. The Jan. 12 scoping meeting is arranged in a “come and go” format, with no formal Air Force presentation or opportunity for public testimony. Additionally, written comments will be accepted at the meeting.

Your input and participation in the EIS Scoping Meeting is very important as we advocate for Fairchild Air Force Base to land the new tankers. Join us as we position Fairchild as the ideal choice to receive these new tankers, providing the base with an abundance of community support to fuel future missions.

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2 Responses to Attend upcoming scoping meeting for new Fairchild Air Force Base KC-46A tankers

  1. Scott Robar says:

    Fairchild has had a rich heritage of providing for the security of this nation for many decades. It is strategically located to provide re-fueling support for not only our own fighter aircraft protecting our west coast but also for the re-fueling needs of our RCAF friends to the north. It seems to me that in the event the Air Force again deploys a reconnaissance aircraft with similar re-fueling needs such as the SR71 had from Beale AFB in California, Fairchild would be best positioned to provide those needs. Fairchild has the capacity to become the largest tanker base in the west. The citizens of the Spokane area are proud to have Fairchild as an integral part of our community and would welcome an ever increasing presence of the Air Force here in the Pacific Northwest.

  2. Roy Seals says:

    The Air Force announced today, 1/12/17, that it has selected McGuire & Travis AFB for the next locations fot the KC-46A. Reading the attached bulletin, I’m beginning to wonder where Fairchild AFB will show up on the next round of BRAC announcements.

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