Recruiting Companies to Spokane

College coaches in the region aren’t the only ones tasked with being good recruiters. We are too.

Not for athletes, but for businesses looking to move or expand. Some big recruits of ours in the past few years include Caterpillar and Vivint. But we also recruit smaller companies, like a recent one: Minapsys.

Minapsys is a startup company that develops a simple online platform for scheduling and group collaboration. The video above does a great job of showcasing the company’s offering. It currently employs six people and plans to grow. Minapsys is currently located in the McKinstry Innovation Center.

The company’s Founder and CEO – Mark Colby – is originally from Spokane but has spent the past few decades in Japan, where he started the company. Colby said he wanted to move the company back to his hometown. Spokane’s cost of living and available talent helped Colby settle in and hire employees.

Finding these companies to recruit happens in a number of ways. We target certain industries and work to put Spokane on the map. Other times, we work through a site selector agency.

In the case of Minapsys, a GSI representative met Colby at Connect Northwest’s 2013 Investment Capital Forum in September. From there, future meetings were set, and GSI provided a host of support including business assistance, metrics, location options and more.

Our work in recruiting companies changes with each recruit. We know Spokane’s cost of living is very competitive, and our livability is great. Spokane and the surrounding area has been named a “Best Town” by Outside Magazine, a top place to live after college, a best place to live, a best place to retire to, a ‘winner’ in economic growth for the next 20 years, and much more.

Each company is looking for something unique in addition to a good location and talent to hire. That’s why we work to provide the information a company needs so it can make the choice to move or expand to the greater Spokane region.

Bringing businesses to Spokane brings jobs to the region, expands our economy, can create new customers, suppliers and partners, brings new residents, and contributes to our mission of growing jobs and business investment.

For Minapsys, relocating to Spokane allows local folks to be employed in an exciting startup, and also gives Colby a nice homecoming.


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