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Advocacy plays a very strong role not only in our Greater Voice pillar, but through many areas of our organization. Our Greater Talent pillar utilizes our investors’ voice to align policies that are focused on building, championing and retaining a talented workforce. Greater Talent convenes educators, businesses and community partners who work together to advocate for policies that best serve our region. At GSI, we have 5 committees that are focused on building partnerships to ensure alignment of a talented workforce for the future of our community.

These committees convene regularly to provide a voice for industry, around advocacy and talent in our community. They include over 150 participants and distribute information to over 400 members throughout the year. Creating business and education partnerships that contribute to establishing greater talent and supportive policies in our community is a crucial piece of aligning our Greater Voice and Greater Talent pillars.

The 5 committees are:

  • Health Industry Development Group (HIDG) – leaders from the health care delivery and life sciences industry with a focus on policy, business growth and talent in the health care industry
  • Health Care Committee –provides topical discussions that give our investors an arena to share their work, align thoughts and activities and network with others in this industry. Topics include health care delivery, educational programs, and talent development for the Inland Northwest
  • K-12 Roundtable – links regional K-12, early learning and higher education leadership closely with business and industry to strengthen the education system and align employer needs, working together to develop a p-20 talent pipeline
  • STEM Executive Committee—advocates to increase STEM(Science Technology Engineering and Math) access, interest and success for all students from cradle to career by focusing on investments that matter most. The investments include closing opportunity gaps, bolstering students and success and building a robust next generation talent pool
  • Education Attainment Advisory Committee – made up of business, higher education and community leaders who are committed to building strategies that provide opportunities for working adults, ages 25-65, to return to school and complete a high level certificate or degree

All of these committees provide a space for members to network, participate in industry-specific content and connect around policy advocacy. Our Education and Talent team facilitates these committees to stay updated on current policy efforts and to continue aligning programs and resources to move talent forward in our region.

If you have any questions, or are interested in joining one of the above committees, please contact Meg Lindsay, Director, Education & Talent/Spokane STEM



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