Artists bari cordia federspiel & Raven Fruscalzo @ Pottery Place Plus in Feb ’22!

Category: Community Events
January 31, 2022
11:00 AM -
7:00 PM
Location: Historic Liberty Building

Raven has been making pine needle baskets since she was a child. Ponderosa pine trees are pillars of the Inland Empire ecosystem, and as such have always represented Spokane to her. Their needles are long, sturdy and beautiful, making them a wonderful medium for basketry. They stay strong but their strength transforms as they age. 

bari was raised in a military family, living all over the world while growing up, during which time she was able to study oil painting from her artist mother. She's been painting with watercolor since 2003, her work constantly changing as she paints the subjects she loves, always striving to glorify God's creation.

You can see the work of Raven & bari this February from 11am until 6pm (Sun-Sat) at Pottery Place Plus, located in the Historic Liberty Building at 203 N. Washington St in downtown Spokane.

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