Internship Network

Greater Spokane Inc. is collaborating with 10 regional colleges and universities and more than 30 local businesses to create an Internship Network in Spokane that creates career pathways for college graduates.

Why? The bridge between student job placement and a business’ workforce needs is essential and an important element of growing a healthy economy. The Internship Network is one of several programs offered through GSI’s Greater Talent initiative to build, champion, and retain a talented workforce.

Students (college graduates or soon-to-be) and businesses are invited to participate in the network. Scroll down to learn more.


Is your business looking to create a new internship program or looking to fill internship positions with qualified students or recent graduates? Or, want to get involved by helping others build their program?  Contact us today. We have dedicated staff that will provide complementary assistance. 


Are you a recent graduate and want to connect with employers and the business community? The Internship Network helps place students with businesses and internship opportunities which helps you gain professional development and increase your network.


Universities, colleges, and educators are invited to participate in the Internship Network. We have dedicated staff that will help connect you, your students and alumni to business internship opportunities. Get involved today.

A group of people working together at a table.
A group of people working together at a table.
A group of people working together at a table.

Why Does the Internship Network Exist?

The Internship Network was created to help connect students with future career opportunities and to support our local business community with talent development and finding skilled employees. 


For more information or details on how you can get involved, contact our Education and Talent Team.

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