Business Leaders Call Agenda

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May 27, 2020
10:00 AM -
11:00 AM

Business Leaders Call

                       10:03am             Welcome & Purpose – Alisha Benson

                       10:05am             Invited Speakers – each of you will have up to 5-7 minutes

Goal: Provide current updates and information that is important for the Business stakeholder group to be aware of, plan for, and engage in, in regard to their business planning, managing their employees, accessing supports and services, and supporting the community response.  

  • Celebrating the Class of 2020
    • Alex Evans, DH
  • COVID Community Response & Recovery Update
    • Shelly O’Quinn – CEO, Innovia Foundation
    • Jeffrey Bell – Interim CEO, Empire Health Foundation
    • Tim Henkel – President/CEO, Spokane County United Way
  • AWB Rebound & Recovery Task Force Efforts
    • Kris Johnson – President/CEO, AWB
    • Tommy Gantz – Government Affairs Director, Tax & Fiscal Policy, AWB
    • Task Force members 10:50am             Open for Q&A Discussion – we will unmute attendees at this time and they can also submit a question in the chat box that we will then share and have you respond as comfortable

10:55am             Close/Next Steps/Needs etc.

11am                   Adjourn



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