Farm and Food Symposium

Category: Community Events
November 8, 2022
8:00 AM -
4:00 PM

This two-day, in-person event brings together progressive farmers, biological/regenerative ag companies and scientists, investors, consumers, and industry influencers to share experiences and best practices for regenerative farming.

The 2022 keynote speaker is Rick Clark. Rick is a 5th -generation farmer from Williamsport, IN, and was recognized as the 2021 National No-Till Innovator Award recipient. Rick has developed and is constantly improving a systematic approach to regenerative farming. His farm strives to limit input costs while also maintaining increased yields, year after year. The farm is 100% NGMO, 100% no-till, and 100% cover crop. Rick cares deeply about human health as well, that is one of the main drivers behind the organic no-till style of farming. He has prepared the following keynotes for our event:

• Change is Good: Making the switch to regenerative agriculture

• Benefits of Regenerative Farming: Why this method of farming is a viable systematic approach

For this year’s conference, we have decided to offer a single track to allow for greater engagement among our audience. In addition to hearing from Rick Clark, attendees will experience a well-thought-out program that walks them through the processes of agronomy, producer marketing/local marketing, food quality, consumer awareness, and the capital/investment needed to transition to regenerative ag farming.

Also, NEW THIS YEAR, each conference attendee will receive a copy of the book What Your Food Ate by David Montgomery and Anne Bikle. We are excited to announce that both authors will be joining our presentation lineup this year to speak on nutrient density in the commodities we produce.

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