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We invite you to join us and be part of creating a thriving Spokane region. As the Spokane region’s business development organization, we’re dedicated to creating a healthy economy and empowering local businesses to achieve greater success.

By joining our community of leaders, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and industry professionals, you’ll gain access to a wealth of resources, networking opportunities, and strategic initiatives and programs designed with your business in mind.

Whether you need help with a regulatory issue, assistance finding available workforce, want to look for incentive opportunities, raise your visibility, and more, we have the staff on hand and programs in place to support you.

We invite you to grow with us.


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Ready to join? Select one of the options below to get started. If you need more information and you’re not sure which partnership opportunity is best for you, contact Debra Whitehead at (509) 321-3631 and we’ll help identify where we can support you the most.

Programs that Lift Your Business

We create the place where organizations come together to advocate for the region, drive strategic economic growth, and champion a talented workforce. These pillars have programs and support services that are meant to lift our economy and help your business succeed. Together we’re greater.

greater GROWTH

Together, we support the creation of business and job growth for a thriving economy.
Visibility for your business
Business counseling
Help with growing & expanding
Government contracts
International trade
Community economic strategy
Business incentives
Supplier connections
Business recruitment

greater VOICE

Together, we have a greater voice for the future of our region.
Support w/regulatory issues
Local, state, federal advocacy
Elected official connections
Olympia & D.C. fly-ins
Work to lower business costs
Lobby for regional initiatives
Bring more dollars to our community

greater TALENT

Together, we build, champion, and retain a talented workforce.
Connect education & business
Create STEM experiences
Increase internship opportunities
Career opportunities for students
School bonds & levies support
Education advocacy
Connect students to businesses
Connect educators to the business world
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