An Update on Medical Education in Spokane

Spokane Medical School

The windows on the Biomedical and Health Sciences Building at the Riverpoint Campus are almost all intact, allowing construction to continue into the cooler months ahead.

Expanding medical education in Spokane has progressed a lot lately. Let’s review: Starting in the fall of 2013, the second-year of medical education will be offered in Spokane through the WWAMI program. That means students can study in Spokane for four straight years (previously, students were required to study in Seattle for their second year).

In simple terms, keeping students here all four years increases the chances that they complete their residencies here, which increases the chances that they practice medicine in our region, which helps our regional economy.

WSU Spokane Chancellor Dr. Brian Pitcher and Marty Dickinson, the Corporate Communications Executive at Sterling Bank and a member of the Academic Health Science Center Steering Committee, were on KHQ’s Invest Northwest on Oct. 28 to talk about the project:

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