Spokane: Home Sweet Home!


Recent college graduate and Greater Spokane Incorporated intern Robyn Swanson shares her thoughts on returning to Spokane after graduation:

If you grew up in Spokane, its generously ample supply of benefits becomes seemingly forgotten out of pure naiveté. Many high school graduates leave for a college education with no plans on returning. What they are starting to realize now is that Spokane holds the adventure and opportunities they have been seeking all along.

As a Spokane native myself I remember dreaming of the day I would move out of Spokane, and then I graduated college and found myself eager to return. Why did I want to come home to Spokane so badly when I dreaded it growing up? I got a perspective change and you’re about to get one too!

I attended Central Washington University with the majority of students coming from the west side of Washington.  I soon found myself proud to claim Spokane as my hometown because, trust me, the west siders are jealous! Many fellow students constantly shared how awesome Hoopfest is, how they badly want to be closer to Silverwood and grappled over the fact I lived a brief drive away from the renowned Coeur d’Alene Resort and lake.

I had forgotten what makes people from all over move to and visit Spokane. We have so many gems located in our region such as the historic Davenport Hotel, Riverfront Park and all its features, the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, an IMAX and our very own Fairchild Air Force Base that puts on a brilliant air show every other year.

It’s an even bigger city than I remembered. Walking downtown affords the chance to discover its unique personality and opportunities for entertainment, regardless of your age. The south hill and valley boom with new businesses and community activities. No matter what the season is, Spokane is alive with a ‘big city’ feel and ‘small town’ community warmth.

Spokane even offers hidden treasures that make it more than just a place to live. Memories are made in every opportunity you seize. Like riding a horse drawn carriage for free around the streets of downtown. Visiting the art displays and listening to the musical melodies of First Friday. Gorging yourself at Pig Out in the Park while enjoying free concerts. Even rafting the river with Pangaea!

Let’s not forget about the fact we actually get all four seasons. Where else can you enjoy a hot summer day and still fall comfortably asleep with a cool night breeze? Even when new residential and commercial developments arise, Spokane is serenely painted by the changing color of trees every fall and draped in a blanket of white snow each coming winter. Our ability to grow and expand while remaining connected to the outdoors is a benefit that would be a shame to overlook.

As a college graduate, I am looking for that next step in my life… a career. Spokane has so many resources (like WorkSource) and networking opportunities for anyone looking for a job to become connected and placed in a dream work environment.

Spokane is HOME SWEET HOME! Share your own stories about the wonder, amazement and special opportunities that make Spokane home to you.


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