Yes – A Very Busy Day, and Pray

April 16, 2010
China Trip Day 6 – Part 4
Yes – A Very Busy Day, and Pray 
By Maria Vandervert

After our wonderful lunch, we traveled by bus to the Lama Temple, constructed during the 17th century and converted into a Tibetan lamasery in 1744.  We went through three? halls.  One contained three very large Buddha’s greeting us on each side (not allowed to take pictures inside).  Each represents prosperity, happiness, and longevity.   Many people come to the temple to pray and burn incense.  Three incense: heaven, earth, people. 

One of the most famous Buddha’s is astounding.  It holds a world record and is carved from one single white sandalwood tree.  It stands 78 feet high and 24 feet in diameter.  Built in 1694, the tree came from Nepal (how?).  The fourth empress’ (or emperor?) mother made the picture on the wall 300 years ago by sewing 4,000 pieces of silk together. 

After the Lama Temple, we were off to learn about Porcelain at the Porcelain Factory and from Gary – ‘Mr. Discount.’  After shopping with Mr. Discount, we went to the “Most Exciting Kungfu show in the world,” The Legend of Kungfu.  It really was spectacular-spectacular.  Kungfu, dancing, singing, and six? year olds flipped from head (not hands) to foot.  The show travels to Las Vegas to perform.  “In an ancient temple we encounter a little boy.  Through practicing Kungfu and Zen he becomes a master and finally reaches the sacred goal of enlightenment.” 

Peking Duck is up next, with an assortment of other odds and ends like bird wing and something else I don’t know.


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