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The Buy Local Cycle

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday have passed. Yesterday was Cyber Monday. From here on out, let’s have everyday be Buy Local Day. Sound good?

By now, you may have heard our message: Buying locally keeps our economy moving. Money spent locally circulates through our community, helping our economy. It’s simple.

So let’s see how you can help our local economy this holiday season.

Here’s what you do: Go out shopping this Saturday for a nice Christmas gift at, say, Finders Keepers. Buy three gifts, which gives money to that business. That business then pays its employees for their hard work.

Those employees put some of that money in their local bank, like Sterling Savings. They then go out and buy Christmas gifts for their friends, family and foes at, say, Simply Northwest. Employees there use the money they make and end their day hanging out at Rocket Bakery.

Rocket Bakery uses the money it makes to buy advertising space in The Spokesman-Review and The Inlander. It also makes advertising mailers with the help of MOJO Reprographics.

MOJO then makes enough money and decides to buy advertising space on the outfield wall at Avista Stadium and contacts The Spokane Indians Baseball Club. The Indians use the advertising money from MOJO to hire more employees.

Those employees – many high school and college students – need a way to get to the ballpark each night. So what local business should they turn to?

Two Wheel Transit, of course.

Knowing you began this great flow of money throughout our community is reason to celebrate with some Single Malt Whiskey from local distillery, Dry Fly Distilling.

The above scenario could involve thousands of more local businesses in Spokane. It’s pretty much fill-in-the-blank when it comes to buying locally.

Plus, it beats sitting in front of a computer all day and worrying about delivery times, don’t you think?

Note to businesses: The Journal of Business is offering a discounted rate for advertising featuring the Buy Local Logo. See the offer.

5 Responses to The Buy Local Cycle

  1. Mark Pond says:

    And don’t forget that each of the transactions listed above contributes toward keeping our local tax coffers full. Our roads, parks, police, fire, and libraries (full disclosure: yes, I am a librarian) all depend heavily on local sales tax revenue. If you want to keep or expand the level of local government services but don’t want an increase in taxes, then shopping locally is a great way to do just that.

  2. Maggie says:

    Just want to mention that I saw the most beautiful poinsettias grown right here in the Spokane Valley at the Plant Farm…. gorgeous…and family/locally owned…

  3. I couldn’t agree more about supporting local businesses all you possibly can. And business owners, lets do our part to make sure we show our appreciation to the local community!’

  4. Jurene Mason says:

    This was a great blog on basic economics -and a small view of the cycle of life for our cash-flow.

    I would like to add that the businesses we shop at locally are also key in helping further the shopping dollar.

    Let’s take, for instance, the Gallery of Thumm in Monroe Street District or Utopia Fine Furnishings in the Valley Mall. Each one of these locally owned shoppes support local artists and wineries among their very eclectic and fun items. Not only do you support the local business owner, you also provide the flow of money into the hands of the local artists whose items you purchased. And …. their income will most likely join the rest of locally spent money in the eco cycle of the buy local system.

    From another view, some of the most hard hit individuals in our economy are Veterans. When we include locally owned Veteran Businesses like PlanetBeachWandermere, in the Valley Mall,, and the many others listed at the LaunchpadINW Veteran Community Page – we can help support growth and positive examples in the local Veteran Outreach and Support.

    You are doing a great job on helping so many see a closer view of why we need to join forces and support our Local community.

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