How Your Business Can Thrive During Road Construction Season in Spokane

Road construction in Spokane, circa 1936 (photo via Caterpillar, Inc.)
Road construction in Spokane, circa 1936 (photo via Caterpillar, Inc.)

We’ve written about it before, but it’s worth revisiting: road construction.

As spring starts to turn to summer, road construction in Spokane is only a temporary disruption and a permanent sign of progress – and that’s a good thing. Businesses need good roads for customers to access their front doors. Cities and businesses need well-maintained roads and infrastructures to attract commerce.

So when a road is temporarily closed near your business, how should you deal with it?

First, here’s what you shouldn’t do.


…..publicly state that customers “can’t get to my business.” When people see that on the news or read it in the newspaper, they won’t even attempt to venture out to your business.

…..close shop. That will guarantee nobody comes to your business and is a sign of giving up.

… nothing.

Now, onto what you should do.


…..communicate with your customers. Let them know you’re still open and able to be accessed, and how. Sure, the easiest route is temporarily unavailable, but there are always ways to access an open business.

…..consider clever promotions during construction. People notice that and might think twice about your business.

…..use a number of mediums to communicate – newspaper, television, social media, newsletters, etc.

… over this checklist from the City of Spokane for other tips.

Businesses have to accept that road construction is inevitable and good. Staying positive through the whole process can go a long way in attracting customers.


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