Making Connections

Making Connections

“Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”

-President Theodore Roosevelt

For more than 12 years, we’ve worked to collaborate and advocate for funding for the North Spokane Corridor to support the growth of commerce in the greater Spokane region. The recent opening of the Highway 395 Interchange is a significant reminder of what it takes to build connections. If we didn’t form connections with a number of partners on this project – as just one example – motorists wouldn’t be able to make the connection from Highway 395 to the corridor and into Spokane.

History shows us that quick gimmicks don’t last long, like the XFL. Significant work requires time and hard work.

The North Spokane Corridor is one of many projects we build partnerships to accomplish, requiring your business voice and collaboration. One thing we continue to do well is bring our region together to advocate and drive initiatives with a unified voice: We helped defeat Proposition 1 (the “Community Bill of Rights”), developed the Certified Sites Program with the City of Spokane, helped drive the local STEM initiative, advocated for the Academic Health Science Center, and a lot more.

You might not be building a highway, but what is your approach to building your business? Are you looking for miracle grow or chasing after every gimmick? What connections are you building, what partnerships are you forming, and what tools are you using to build the next mile?

Whether you’re looking to sell to the government, expand your business, connect at our events with decision-makers and potential partners or clients, gain visibility (PDF) or small business expertise, advocate for your business, or be part of something greater, we can help you make those valuable connections.

As we persevere year after year to build connections and partnerships, keep this in mind: it takes long, hard work, but it is work worth doing with lasting impacts.


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