Small Business Spotlight: Carr Sales Company

Member Since: 1964

This veteran-owned business stood the test of time for more than 65 years, staying competitive despite a drop in the construction industry and an uncertain business environment.

When you think of loyalty, trust, and excellent service, what companies come to mind? One that measures up to these three is Carr Sales, located at 919 W. 1st Avenue.

After purchasing the hardware store in 1946, Don Barnett converted it to a wholesale electrical distributor. In 1977, he opened a 10,000 square-foot branch in Clarkston, Wash., expanding their reach to serve contractors, commercial, and industrial markets in eastern Washington, northern Idaho, and western Montana. The company is still a family business with the third generation working there now. The Carr Sales team provides thousands of electrical products for a wide array of customers – aluminum fabricators, hydroelectric dams, property managers, residential homeowners, homebuilders, and public entities, to name a few.

This home-grown company has adapted to the market shifts over the years, and most recently has seen changes from the emerging “green” economy. The demand for energy-efficiency has increased, and as  Product Manager Bruce Cudmore quickly points out, they do not buy into the gimmicks hot off the market, but work closely with their suppliers to ensure customers receive quality electrical supplies.

And how did they recoup losses from the reduction in home construction? They’ve seen an uptick in remodeling projects which offset those losses. Carr Sales has also been proactive, working with GSI’s Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) to secure more government contracts – especially a win for this small business where incentives are in place for veteran-owned companies such as theirs.

Throughout the years, Carr Sales remains a strong, steady business in Spokane. What has made it stand the test of time? Its exceptional customer service, great quality of product lines, and competitive pricing are the obvious, but what sets it above competitors is the dedicated team – many who have been committed for more than 25 years of service. As Cudmore described, the company is a “gem in the rough” with a loyal team who loves what they do.

The Spokane region is proud to have Carr Sales, a dedicated GSI member since 1964, which continues to provide exceptional products with superior service to the Pacific Northwest.


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