Collaborative Efforts and Community Unity

Addressing Homelessness in Spokane

On May 9th, Hello for Good hosted a thought-provoking symposium dedicated to tackling the critical issue of homelessness in Spokane. The event brought together community members, leaders, and organizations, showcasing the collective commitment to addressing this pressing challenge.

The symposium emphasized the importance of mental health and drug addiction services as integral components of the solution. It was heartening to witness the community rallying behind these initiatives.

Michael Gray from the Treatment Advocacy Center, acknowledged the significance of the moment, noting that he had never seen a room as full as the one that morning. The community members present demonstrated a shared recognition of the problem and a strong desire to collaborate and take action. This unity among the Spokane region represents a crucial milestone in driving positive change.

Rick Romero, representing, further underscored that addressing homelessness is not solely a monetary issue; it is primarily a matter of collaboration. Romero believes that with a platform now in place, the community can come together and make a lasting impact.

To ensure a safe and healthy city for all citizens, it is essential for all stakeholders to play their respective roles and work collaboratively. Government, service providers, private businesses, and engaged citizens must unite their efforts, leveraging their unique strengths and resources to drive effective solutions.

For those who were unable to attend the symposium, there is an opportunity to catch up by watching the recording. This invaluable resource offers insights into the various paths to homelessness and the solutions that can lead to a stronger and more inclusive community.

Let us seize this moment as a community to foster shared understanding, encourage collaboration, and generate impactful efforts in combating homelessness. Together, we can build a better future for everyone in Spokane. Join us in this vital journey towards lasting solutions and be part of the change.

For those who were unable to attend the symposium, there is an opportunity to catch up by watching the recording:

Join us for the next free event on June 28 from 8-10am. Learn more here:


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