Vote NO on I-976

This initiative will have resounding impact on our region and state if passed, affecting our roads and transportation, as well as jeopardizing projects that are already underway. Our Board of Trustees voted to support NO on I-976 and we want to give you more information about what it is and what it could impact.

What is I-976?
Initiative 976 is a statewide ballot measure concerning motor vehicle taxes and fees.

How will it appear on the ballot?
“This measure would repeal, reduce, or remove authority to impose certain vehicles taxes and fees; limit annual motor-vehicle-license fees to $30, except voter-approved charges; and base vehicle taxes on Kelley Blue Book value.”
◻ Approve
◻ Reject

What does that mean?
If passed, beginning 12-5-2019, I-976 would:

  • Limit most state and local license fees (car tabs) to $30
  • Repeal or remove authority to impose certain vehicle taxes and fees
  • Base vehicle taxes on Kelley Blue Book value
  • Limit the financing options available to regional transit agencies

This means a potential loss of funding for:

  • The 10.5 mile North/South Freeway Project, which is expected to carry 150,000 vehicles a day.
  • Dial-a-ride, paratransit, and fixed-route services for seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities.
  • Spokane Transit’s Monroe-Regal line, a high performance bus route that will provide frequent, reliable, all-day service along this regional corridor.
  • Spokane Transit vanpool improvements, such as new vehicles and service expansions.
  • Spokane Tribe of Indians’ Moccasin Express fixed-route service and vehicle replacement.
  • $2.5 million loss per year to Spokane TBD funding.

Learn more about I-976 at and


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