Career Connect Washington Win

Greater Spokane Inc. (GSI), led by the Spokane STEM Network, has been selected for the second time by Career Connect Washington (CCW) as one of only nine recipients to receive a grant to continue our work enhancing workforce development across the region.

CCW was created by Governor Jay Inslee in 2018, with support and funding by the Washington State Legislature, to provide our state’s young people with expanded opportunities to gain real-world experience through a fully integrated career connected learning system. Business, labor, educators, government agencies, non-profit organizations and many others have come together to create a strategy for making these opportunities available in every part of our state to every student as part of their academic journey. GSI/Spokane STEM was named eastern Washington’s (NEWESD 101) CCW Regional Network for our region two years ago as part of a biennial grant and this renaming will carry forward that designation.

“We are thrilled to continue serving as NEWESD 101’s CCW Regional Network for the next biennium! Building an integrated network of opportunities for young people to learn about careers, explore their talents and be supported on a pathway toward economic self-sufficiency is key for our region’s recovery and growth. We look forward to connecting more employer, education, labor and community partnerships throughout eastern Washington to drive this work forward,” said Cassidy Peterson, Executive Director for Spokane STEM.

In the past two years of funding as the Regional Network, GSI/Spokane STEM has convened regional leadership teams, represented CCW on a number of local boards and committees, supported multiple CCW Program Intermediary funding applications and Career Launch endorsements and continued offering career connected learning programing for teachers and students.

With this support and working with the other eight CCW Regional Networks across the state GSI/Spokane STEM will continue to convene and support our current CCW Program Intermediaries and look for more opportunities for projects in our region to receive funding. We also look towards increasing the number of Career Launch endorsements (as well as sectors represented) and participation of young people in Career Launch, Career Preparation and Career Exploration activities across our region. Through these efforts, expanding equitability and accessibility in Career Exploration programs is paramount, ensuring all students regardless of demographics are given a chance to pursue various paths. This work benefits both students in the eastern Washington region who face greater barriers to opportunity as well as the business community looking to recruit a new generation of workers. GSI’s Career Connected Learning Manager, Maria Vigil, works in tandem with NEWESD 101’s Career Connected Learning Coordinator and regional CCW Program Intermediaries to drive the work of our CCW Regional Network. Please reach out to Maria Vigil with any questions.


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