INHS Benefits from Workforce Flexibility Practices

Inland Northwest Health Services (INHS) understands that employees are one of its greatest assets.  INHS works with employees to find the work hours that best suit their needs throughout the organization.  The company allows employees to be flexible by allowing them to work from home using telecommuting and permitting unconventional work schedules when available. In recognizing the dynamics of the individual, INHS also works to create an environment where employees can balance a personal life and family while maintaining business objectives at work. With these business practices, employee morale and work productivity has increased. 
Jennifer Polello, a health education manager for INHS, commented on her experience with workplace flexibility. Jen uses a combination of telecommuting and flextime in her position. “I’m a morning person,” Pollelo said.  “I like to come in early, when I can get a lot done, and I can leave here before traffic gets bad.” Jennifer explained that INHS’ flexibility was one of the reasons she accepted her job. 
The complete effort and participation of employees allowed INHS to apply for the Alfred P. Sloan Award for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility. A recipient of the award, INHS is distinguished as a leading practitioner of workplace flexibility in Spokane and across the nation. Highlighted by several publications for workplace flexibility and effectiveness, INHS has become a great example for all businesses pursuing worker flexibility practices. Staci Franz, human resources generalist for INHS, recognizes how INHS employees are grateful for this distinction, “We have heard employees express appreciation for participating and receiving the Sloan Award. They are excited to be included in this recognition and greatly value their role at INHS.”

Nicole Stewart
Director of Communications & Marketing
Inland Northwest Health Services (INHS)


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