A Solution to Homelessness in north Spokane County

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November 2, 2022
7:00 PM -
9:00 PM

Did you know some of your neighbors are closer than ever to living on the streets? Last year, 4% of Mead School District’s student body was homeless – 450 students.

Homelessness erodes the health, safety, and well-being of communities and individuals – is there a way to prevent this problem from getting worse?

New Hope Resource Center has invited the architect Charles Durrett to share a solution. Mr. Durrett has helped other communities meet critical housing needs; his work includes attractive options that offer residents stability and community.

For 20 years, New Hope Resource Center has provided basic human needs in north Spokane County. Through the generous support of 15 churches and hundreds of volunteer hours, New Hope reliably provides essential services that keep our neighbors housed.

New Hope Resource Center serves extremely low-income families and individuals. A majority of the clients we serve are precariously housed – at risk of becoming homeless. This event will educate our north County neighbors about this impending crisis, and propose a solution.

Mead School District had the highest number of homeless students of all Spokane County school districts last year: 400 – 450 students. Most New Hope clients would qualify as “in danger of homelessness” under HUD’s definition.

However, there is a solution. Tackling the problem of homelessness in the suburban and rural north county will not look like projects elsewhere in Spokane. A “community first” approach, piloted by architect Charles Durrett, based on successful programs in Denmark and other communities in the United States, has shown that those in desperate need of housing can gain stability and healing when treated as neighbors.

This one-time speaking event will educate the public, and catalyze community engagement in a north Spokane-oriented approach to affordable housing.

“A Solution to Homeless in North Spokane County”
Presented by architect Charles Durrett
Thursday, November 3rd, 2022, at 7pm
Whitworth University’s Robinson Teaching Theater, Weyerhaeuser Hall

Funding for Charles Durrett’s talk will educate the public about the escalating problem of homelessness in north Spokane County, and propose an innovative solution. Your contribution will demonstrate a forward-looking commitment to solving homelessness in north Spokane County for good.

In operation since 2003, New Hope Resource Center (NHRC) is a locally funded 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Some of our funding comes through the annual Spokane County Community Development Block Grant. However, roughly 88% percent of our operations are funded through local church and individual donations.

NHRC’s mission is: “to serve basic human needs in North Spokane County including the communities of Riverside, Elk, Chattaroy, Colbert, and Mead. We do this without prejudice or discrimination, following Christ’s example.” We also provide food through North County Food Pantry in Elk, Washington. NHRC does not proselytize or ask clients about religious affiliation. NHRC has one .4 FTE employee. North County Food Pantry has one .4 FTE. Our board, development, and client services are otherwise entirely volunteer-driven.

In April 2021, NHRC’s board approved the formation of a Housing and Homelessness Task Force to research and address critical housing needs in our service area. Since that time, $52,000 in grant funds has been awarded to NHRC to support this work.

These funds secured: emergency housing for unsheltered clients (45 unique hotel stays, of varying duration, in a 6 month period), indoor-safe propane space heaters (for those living in trailers and RVs), RV repairs, emergency survival supplies (tents and sleeping bags), and additional support for gasoline amid rising gas prices.

We are the only service provider in North Spokane County addressing these and other critical housing needs.

The purpose of this event is to inform our neighbors that homelessness is a pressing local problem – one that we as a community can work together to solve.

COST: $3,000 (our goal is $5,000, to date we have raised $2,000) Financial sponsors will be named at the event, logos will be used on all printed materials (where used), and through New Hope Resource Center’s social media feeds.

Employer Identification Number: 94-3167688
Contact: Jeanna Swanson,
Make checks payable to New Hope Resource Center, with “Durrett Fall Event” in

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