Achieving Peak Performance (Using the 6P Model)

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January 11, 2023
8:30 AM -
4:00 PM

Chances are that you’ve used some kind of performance management or appraisal system. But has it worked? Maybe – maybe not. Regardless, chances are it could have been improved.
This workshop takes your current experience with performance (or no experience) and helps you to understand how to enhance your outcomes immediately using the 6P model. We focus on enhancing the following areas to achieve success:
Purpose: When everyone understands and aligns with the reason why you are doing what you do, it’s easier to motivate everyone to achieve your goals.
Planning: Failing to plan is planning to fail – so we give you the tools to do it right that helps you to expedite your success.
People: Getting your people aligned with organizational goals accelerates the achievement of your goals.
Performance: Applying principles of effective performance management can help you achieve more in less time – as individuals, teams, and the organization.
Profitability (outcomes): No matter your organization type, you need results. We teach you how to get there faster.
Progress: Continuous process improvement helps you to progress forward and increase your outcomes year after year.
In the end, you gain new tools, skills, and a game plan that is ready to implement the day after you get back from training. The ROI is pretty fast on the investment of your day.

As a participant, you get…
Lunch – It’s provided with your tuition.
All materials are provided.
Free parking.
Additional follow up after the training to answer your questions.
Ongoing newsletters and information you need to support your progress.
Networking with other professionals to seek their experience and advice.

You’ll spend the session with Dr. Wade Larson. With nearly 30 years of leadership, HR, and consulting expertise among 100s of companies, helping 1000s of leaders and employees to transform their careers and optimize performance, he brings both theory and practical experience to help you achieve your best.
His background includes organizations both large and small coming from the private and public sectors, as well as experience serving on non-profit boards. As a college professor over the past 25 years for several universities, including Washington State, Gonzaga, and Whitworth Universities, he has also had the opportunity to engage in research and teaching in leadership, HR, and organizational studies. This mix provides a well-rounded approach to guide participants to setting and achieving their personal and professional goals.
Join Dr. Wade as he helps you gain new insights and skills that will help you guide your team and organization to new levels of performance.

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