Business Leaders Call COVID-19

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September 2, 2020
10:00 AM -
11:00 AM

Business Leaders Call

Goal: Provide current updates and information that is important for the Business stakeholder group to be aware of, plan for, and engage in, in regard to their business planning, managing their employees, accessing supports and services, and supporting the community response.  

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10:03am              Welcome & Purpose – Alisha Benson

10:05am               Invited Speakers         

  • STA – Central City Line Update 
    • Brandon Rapez-Betty, Communications & Customer Service Director, STA
  • 509 Coalition
    • Chad White, 509 Coalition
  • Tourism & Convention Industry Update
    • Meg Winchester, President & CEO, Visit Spokane
    • Stephanie Curran, CEO, Spokane Public Facilities District
  • State Legislative Update
    • Jim Hedrick, GSI State Lobbyist

10:55 am                     Closing Comments

11:00 am                     Adjourn

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