Dozer Day Signing Day

Category: Career Connected Learning Community Events, Career Connected Learning Community Events
May 4, 2023
9:00 AM -
2:00 PM
Location: 101 N Cabela Way, Post Falls, Idaho 83854, US

NUCA of Eastern Washington and North Idaho is focused on career development for the construction industry and the trades. This year, in addition to our annual Dozer Day event (geared toward kids 2-12) that introduces the construction industry to future a workforce; we have added “Signing Day”. Signing Day will take place Friday May 5th leading into Dozer Day weekend May 6th & 7th and is a construction career showcase event for high school students getting ready to enter the workforce. This event will allow your student to see if they would “DIG” a future in construction & the trades!
In past years, the construction/trade industry has not been heavily promoted for our youth as a viable career option out of high school. While a 4-year degree can be a pathway toward a successful future, that path is not for EVERYONE. We now have a construction workforce shortage since society has been conditioned that trade jobs are less desirable and do not offer a path to success. Due to that shortage, construction wages have risen at a fast pace and jobs in the trades are becoming more and more desirable in today’s market. These professions have HUGE earning potential and open the doors to endless opportunities.
This SIGNING DAY event is organized to expose students to exciting opportunities in our industries as they are getting ready to begin life after high school and enter the job market. You won’t want your student to miss out on attending this event!
We strongly encourage students to attend with a resume in hand ready to fill out a job application and participate in “mini” interview sessions. Employers will have job applications on site and will be accepting resumes. There will be some of our equipment dealers, insurance providers, and banking partners on hand to do mini mock interviews. It is our goal that this process will help your student to prepare for future interviews and see what that process looks like so it won’t be so intimidating when they officially have their first job interview.

With graduation right around the corner, your student may still be weighing their options. Our contractors are bringing activities such as concrete pouring, pipe installation, fiber splicing, gas pipe butt fusion, heavy equipment operating… and so much more out to allow the students to do HANDS ON activities. Our goal is to reach those kids that might not be taking the traditional path or aren’t necessarily 4-year college bound. We plan on having representatives from the trades such as lineman, operator’s unions, and apprenticeship programs as further resources since that type of education track can put these students into the work force in 1-2 years vs. the 4-5 years required through college degrees.

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