Glimmers of Hope: A Supply Chain deep dive

Category: Community Events
August 24, 2020
12:00 PM -
1:30 PM
Location: Virtual

Glimmers of Hope on the Horizon:
Implications for the Aerospace Supply Chain

We welcome back Dr. Kevin Michaels as well as Glenn McDonald from AeroDynamic Advisory for the latest update on the aerospace industry.  This event will provide valuable information from these industry experts on the future direction of the aerospace industry, key for setting your future business strategy. 

Join this special event for:

  • AeroDynamic Advisory's outlook for the aerospace industry and COVID impacts, including
  • Their latest aircraft production forecast
  • The outlook of defense budgets, military aircraft production, and sustainment

They are also conducting an industry-wide survey, which they will share the results in a future event.  You can learn more below or participate here.  We appreciate your participation, as this will help us shape the future of our industry.

Who should attend: Company owners, management, purchasing and sales seeking the latest industry information and projections to help develop their company strategy.

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