Lunch and Learn The Pitch – Getting to Wow!

Category: GSI Events
May 27, 2020
12:00 PM -
1:00 PM

Christopher Wood is the managing director of Ten X Strategies, L.L.C., a Spokane, WA based new product & process development consulting firm. He has provided his services over the last 25 years in 30 plus states and 5 countries. Leading company turn arounds and acquisitions he has worked with every size firm, from Mom & Pop shops to Fortune 500. He is educated as a mechanical engineer, is an adjunct professor in Gonzaga’s Engineering School, an Entrepeanuar-in-Residence for Startup Spokane’s Mind-2-Market accelerator fund, an angel investor, partner is a large wheat, timber and cattle ranch in Eastern Washington and is the founder of an ag-tech startup, Dryland SA. His work is based on Toyota’s Business System methodologies and his experience spans from wheat field dirt clods to rocket launch pads.
He specializes in demonstrating how lean startup techniques frame any innovation effort by following a simple roadmap.

Christopher’s talk, The Pitch – Getting to Wow, focuses on the 3 key points of selling an idea; be clear, be compelling and be credible. Learn how to properly frame your story based on proven, reliable steps guaranteed to grab your audience’s attention if properly followed. Apply these sure and reliable methods anytime you are presenting information inside your organization, to a customer or an investor. Come to this fast paced, one-hour session for a hands-on, learn-do experience.

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